Following the corporate philosophy and the corporate needs of our clients, we are operating in the fields of event production and audiovisual equipment rental. Our expertise covers the development and the construction of sceneries, the installation of hi-tech equipment, and the technical support in conferences and corporate events.

The premises of Avitech are located at the center of Athens, close to the largest downtown hotels.
An area of 1.800 square meters houses all the departments of Avitech, in order to provide integrated business solutions to our customers: Main offices, Equipment warehouse, constructions warehouse, media production studio, and parking space for corporate vehicles and trucks. 


1. Rental Equipment

The company is in a position to offer state of the art equipment that will fulfill every client's need.
The company holds a wide range of visual equipments, which is constantly in a state of reinforcement.

The company is in a position to supply sound equipment that can cover small or large scale events. According to the specifications of the event, simple speaker systems or complicated sound installations can be provided.

Avitech can supply a wide range of Martin lighting equipment, in order to cover every lighting need. Our products can provide immediate solutions of any kind, from stage to building lighting.

Led Displays
AVITECH, keeping its promise for preserving the quality of its services and its equipment, acquired the latest technology of LED STRIP CURTAIN, as well as indoor LED WALL. Additionally, the LED STRIP CURTAIN is capable of multiple applications due to its low weight and small dimensions. These applications may be carried out to events, TV studios, playground fields, concerts, exhibition stands, as well as to any indoor and outdoor space.

Computer services
The company can supply and install state of the art P/C's, along with all the supplementary equipments.

2. Scenics

The central stage of every event is the point where the action is taking place; the point that communicates the corporate messages and attracts attention.

The creative team of our company covers every client’s need for correct and strong communication by designing and producing in-house the construction of the scenery, by using state of the art 3D design software programs.

3. Widescreen

Conferences have now one massive screen on which you can have any combination of PowerPoint, video, live video, still image. All sources open in windows on the widescreen. Avitech uses Folsom BlendPro system which allows different windows to be opened on-screen which show presentations, video content and camera relay. Windows are scaleable to take account of speaker position or the overall background design. Conference branding and sponsor logos can be incorporated into the background image. With this technology the screen size can be far larger than one projector 4:3 screen but without losing brightness or resolution. Technology now allows us to use cinema standards at events.

4. Other Services

Recording & Webcasting
  • Record a complete conference.
  • Broadcast Live via the web.
  • Distribute Cd/Dvd copies.
  • Video Production
    From the first idea to the final assembly, Avitech offers its services in media production, using up to date digital equipment. Combining video, sound effects and animation, the company creates video productions, interactive cd-roms, and corporate presentations.

    Media Productions
    The company is in a position to supply innovative, integrated and intelligent software solutions for any kind of conference and live events. According to the specific needs of each client, the company can install:
  • Event’s schedule flow, management software.
  • Conference speakers’ management software.
  • Secure data-bases for the provided services of each client.

  • Digital Signage
    The Digital Information Display Signage is a new product with Multi-information display for the advertisement market. The 46'' inch TFT - LCD panel. has a Full HD resolution and it is operated by embedded computer that istalled user friendly control software for Multi-display. It is very suitable for displaying advertisement, information, .... in Hotel, Store, Terminal, Public office ....

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